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Carge / Sep 11, 2016
Hi all!

Updated 9/29 - most up-to-date roster [url=]here
Here is the current Raid Roster going into the first week. If you do not see your name you have not done something correctly. As you can see we have a full roster. I hope that everyone meets the raid requirements and we have a full 30 man group. If that does happen we may require someone to join our elite healing group! If your Spec is wrong thats because you didnt update it ingame in your note. Please do so along with your ilvl.

You will also need to have the following working and ready to go-




Enchants - We will not require top end enchants for heroic gear to start out. The low level non expensive enchants will be ok until we get our raid gear!
Outlaw Justice / Sep 08, 2016
Ok Outlaws here is our goals for raiders!!!

Minimum ILVL 835

Properly Enchanted

Properly Gemmed

ALL 3 Relic slots unlocked!

Flasks and stat food

Have general knowledge of the fights! WATCH VIDEOS!

Normal Raid drops 850 ilvl gear Heroic drops 865 ilvl. With this in mind the more people that are over 840 the better chance we have at going heroic!

Now lets get out there and get geared and ready! CANT WAIT TO RAID WITH EVERYONE!