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Meshelle / Apr 10, 2019
July 2019 Outlaw Justice reaches 9 years of activity! Outlaw Justice originally named "Heroes in Exile 2010 - 2012", " Council of Chaos 2012 - 2013" and in 2013 changed the name once again to "Outlaw Justice". The reason of the name changes was due to the fact several guilds attempted to copy our guild names. Outlaw Justice is amused how several guilds to this day, still continue their efforts to copy Outlaw Justice. We must be doing something right!

As a Guild Leader and I'm sure this pertains to all Guild Leader's. I have been fooled, disappointed, had several turn their back on me, the closets around me gave up and when shit hit the fan, I've been left standing alone. The many attempts to knock me down has always failed. My time as a Guild Leader has been 5 1/2 years and for the first time out of those years, I personally have never been so proud to be the Guild Leader. I will repeat this weekly, this is by far the best Outlaw Justice has done "Ever"! We have zero drama, raiding has become an enjoyment to hang with "Outstanding Raiders" and "Outstanding Officers"! It's reached "Fun" for the first time ever! It does not feel like a chore anymore and is more enjoyable. I'm so honored to not just call these Raiders or Officers just their titles but I call them my Friends and Family.

To celebrate our success and reaching my personal goals, I would like to give back to our "Outstanding Raiders" and "Outstanding Officers". I proudly announce I will be giving all Officers "Appreciation Packets". This is my "Thank you" for making Outlaw Justice so Awesome!

Officers will receive a Guild Shirt with extra's

Any Guild member interested in obtaining the Guild Shirt, can contact me in-game mail with details.

Have a favorite Guild Member? Favorite Officer? You can vote to help them earn some awesome prizes! Send all votes to Meshelle in-game mail.

Favorite Guild Member - This can be anyone within the guild that you feel is helpful and a team player! They will receive 1 Month Game Time. This can be anyone, Member, Strategist, Officer, or Raider! If the winner is willing to provide their address, they will receive "Officer Appreciation Packet".

Officer of the Year: Your votes matters!









Raider's of the Year: This will be chosen by the Officers. Winner's will receive a "Officer Appreciation Packet"! We will be selecting one Raider from the Weekday and Weekend Team's.

We thank you so much for being apart of "Outlaw Justice"! We have met some really wonderful people and have enjoyed sharing our time with you all!

To the Outlaw Justice Officers: Words cannot express how much I truly appreciate "Everything"! For the first time ever, I've never seen Officer's help and work together to achieve making Outlaw Justice the best it's ever been! Thank you all so very much!!


Thank you "All" so very much!


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