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Meshelle / Apr 10, 2019
Out of the years I have been the Guild Leader of Outlaw Justice, I have never received a review of the Officers, Guildies or Raiders. It meant so much to me when I did receive one because the Officers and myself have all worked so hard to make Outlaw Justice the Best Guild! We are a drama free guild, we care about our Raiders, we care about our Guild members and we strive to make each day an adventure filled with good times, good people and laughs!

Below is what I received from a Guild Member...

We spoke with Phantom and he was an amazing example of your guild. Funny, Patient, took the time to answer questions and even asked a few of his own. If all guild members are this nice then my wife and I are glad we found a new home....For years we have been in guilds that didn't survive. It's awesome to be in a guild again with life, new friends and experiences. We look forward to helping in anyway we can are so glad we have a new family/home. We have been playing wow since it began. So we have been around awhile. I don't want to take up too much of your time just figured I would let you know that everyone we have met we enjoy. Especially Jen, she's funny! We love to have fun! You and Beefy are clearly doing it right! We Thank you!

From the bottom of my heart and then some, I thank you "ALL" for helping me achieve what I have tried to achieve for year's! I sincerely mean that! Without you all, Outlaw Justice wouldn't be the "Best Guild" and I truly "THANK YOU"!


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