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AOTC again for the OUTLAWS!

Outlaw Justice / Mar 27, 2019
WTG OUTLAWS! Once again the Outlaws achieve yet another AOTC and add it to the long line of AOTC achievements they have grown accustomed to obtaining! There isn't much to say that hasn't already been said! THIS GROUP IS AWESOME! We truly live up to our motto! We rather wipe with friends than kill bosses with jerks! It is truly a pleasure to raid and be in the same guild as all of you! YOU ARE WHAT MAKES OUTLAW JUSTICE the BEST GUILD EVER! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!

To get us to Jaina the Outlaws kill 2 progression bosses in the same week GREAT JOB TEAM!


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Your all just awesome! I have so much fun with you all, whether were raiding, doing plus or picking on Crep! I appreciate all of your dedication and treasure our Friendship! "LAST PULL"! You all ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

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