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Welcome to Outlaw Justice!

Welcome to Outlaw Justice

The Emerald Nightmare
Normal: 7/7
Heroic: 7/7

The Nighthold
Normal: 10/10
Heroic: 10/10

Tomb of Sargeras
Normal: 9/9

Our raid team runs every Tues, Wed and Sun from 8:30pm - 12:00am EST. We will still consider additional players for this group who have excellent raid awareness, gameplay, and attendance, to help balance and competition for our roster.

We have regular guild events, including retro raiding, flex raiding, races, and whatever else comes to mind. If you're interested in hosting a guild event, feel free to let us know and we'll try to help you get it organized!

If you have any questions about the guild or are interested in joining the raid team please feel free to contact anyone in our officer group!

Guild Leader

The Outlaw

Outlaw Justice Officers

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Outlaw Justice / Aug 17, 2017
WAY TO GO OUTLAWS! What a trip it has been for our group! Tonight the outlaws triumphed over the boss AVATAR after several frustrating trials and attempts THE OUTLAWS ONCE AGAIN PULLED TOGETHER AND KILLED THE AVATARS! I cant say enough about how this group has grown and melded! YOU OUTLAWS ROCK! Now with Avatar out of the way 1 last boss stand between the outlaws and their next AOTC! Im not sure about anyone else but my money is going on the outlaws! WTG OUTLAWS KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

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Outlaw Justice / Jun 29, 2017
With the end of AOTC for the Night Hold raid and the achievement of killing Guldan brings on a whole new challenge in the Tomb of Sargeras! With this a new challenge was issued by Outlaw Justice to the Outlaw Raiders and began another AOTC challenge! But a bigger challenge was issued to the Outlaws and decided to push more progression! AND WOW!!!! did the raid team answer this challenge! They started with normal on the 1st week and they KICKED ITS TEETH IN!!!Outlaws then asked what is next and killed the 1st boss on Heroic!!! In this the 2nd week the Outlaws again answered the challenge and KILLED 3 MORE Progression bosses! WTG OUTLAWS! The growth of this group is beyond explanation and cant wait to see whats in the future for it!
Outlaws are tied for 3rd on the server!!! WTG OUTLAWS!!!

Outlaw Justice / Apr 10, 2017
What an outstanding couple of weeks the Outlaws have had!! The 1st of the 2 the Outlaws AGAIN bagged 2 progression bosses! Then 2 weeks later came back with an astonishing 3 progression bosses downed! This leaves only Guldan in the path of the Outlaws obtaining yet another AOTC achievement look out Guldan we are coming!