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Welcome to Outlaw Justice!
Welcome To Outlaw Justice

The Eternal Palace

Normal: 6/8
Heroic: 5/8

Crucible of Storms

Normal: 2/2
Heroic: 2/2

Battle of Dazzalor

Normal: 9/9
Heroic: 9/9
Mythic: 2/9

Our raid team runs every Tues and Wed 8:30pm - 12:00am EST, Fri and Sat 7:30pm-10:00pm EST and we do alt/normal run Sunday's 7:30pm-12:00am. We will still consider additional players who have excellent raid awareness, game play, and attendance to help balance and competition for our roster.

We have regular guild events, including Mythic Plus, races and whatever else comes to mind. If you're interested in hosting a guild event, feel free to let us know and we'll try to help you get it organized!

If you have any questions about the guild or are interested in joining the raid team's please feel free to contact anyone in our officer group!

Outlaw Sweep - GM

The Enforcer - Assistant GM

Sergeant - Assistant GM

Shotgun - Officers



Outlaw Justice / Jul 31, 2019
What can I say that hasn't been already said many times This group has stuck it out through thick and thin. Through adversity and triumphs we have remained together as a great group! We are already 5/8 heroic in just 4 weeks and will continue to keep on downing bosses! It is a pleasure to kill bosses with such a fun group of people! Outlaws you make Outlaw Justice the best gaming community ever!

Meshelle / Jul 31, 2019
Last week was so busy for the Outlaws! From Bubble Wrap Party, sending out Officer appreciation packets and our Guild Party! What a blast it ALL was! Thank you to all who attended! <3

Officer apperciation packets included:
Glasses containing Officers and Favorite Guildie

All Officers and some raiders received a book loaded with history and current events of Outlaw Justice!

All Officers and Raiders received Guild Shirts. All Officers and some Raiders received items from E3! Shirts, hats and toys were passed out! This Photo is from Honka! Love this picture!

Most Officers and Raiders received their items prior to the Guild Party! I wanted to WOW the Officers the same way the WOW me "Daily"! Never as GM have I seen so many feasts placed at once and cauldrons placed at once! I don't think a day goes by that I don't check Guild Bank and say WOW! Thank's guys! <3

OMG The guild party!! The first time EVER I got to take part in the ICC NAKED RACE! What fun that was and the best part, they all didnt know they were all winners! Each person received a Mount, several pets and a toy! What fun that was! Special Thanks to Phantom for providing all the mounts!

We even had our First "Mount Off Challenge"! Beefy lead the way and did a Great job! It was great to be able to enjoy this event! Honka was our winner and won a Sand Drake Mount! Grats Honka!!

We even had a Xmog Contest! What fun that was! Phantom came dressed just like Crepetis Pally! What fun it was!! Special thanks to Darkcritt for providing the prize to this event! <3

First Place: Ed 30k Gold
Second Place: Hopestinger 20k Gold
Third Place: Koruptor 15K

My Favorite post!
Well i will post 1 thing let me know if anyone else got a hateful gift from tink to HATEFUL
(I was gonna load his cup with glitter and it was the only "Hateful" item sent) BAHAHAHA!!!!

After our ICC naked race, we all met up in town and prizes were given! Darkcritt received 25k being that he was the only one who had the pebble! Grats Dark!

Special Thank You to Phantom, Darkcritt, Dizzy, Crep and all of you for your help in making the party ROCK! You are all Awesome and truly appreciated! From the bottom of my heart and then some, Thanks for making Outlaw Justice so Flippen Awesome!

Phantom: You're message to me regarding your packet touched my heart so much and teared me up! That was really special! <3
Meshelle / Jul 09, 2019
Many hours of tinkering with the design and color went into these shirts! They were finally order which means, they will arrive next week! You will all receive tracking when they are shipped! Secret word: SUPERHERO